Tutorial Videos

Discus Basics for High School Students Tutorial

This video tutorial provides students with an understanding of what Discus databases have to offer and how to access and search within the databases. LearningExpress Library, Opposing Viewpoints, Credo Reference, and Bloom's Literature are featured, together with SmartSearch by Discus.

Points of View Reference Center Database Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates the features of the Points of View Reference Center interface and how to find articles that look at all sides of a trending or controversial topic.

Tutor.com Tutorial

Need extra help to understand how to complete your class assignments?  Tutor.com can help!  Learn how to navigate, create a free account, and use Tutor.com to get live assistance with any academic subject such as math, writing, Spanish, science, etc.  Check out this tutorial created by DISCUS.

Creating Brochures in Google Docs Tutorial

Need to create a tri-fold brochure for class?  Check out this quick video on how-to make a brochure using Google Docs created by the Calhoun County Public Library.

Writing MLA Citations Tutorial

Need to cite your resources using MLA format? Check out this quick video on how-to cite common sources in MLA citation format created by the Calhoun County Public Library.

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