Clubs & Organizations


Basketball Club - Students learn the fundamentals of the game via drills and competitive play while learning to practice good sportsmanship with fellow club members.

Book/Reading Club - Students read, discuss, and write reviews of young adult fiction titles.

Cafe Calhoun Poetry Club - Students have a safe enviroment to express themselves via visual and spoken forms of expression while learning to be respectful of others' expressions.

CC BeatsStudents learn the art of beat making and how culture is influences what is marketable. Students will discuss the most popular DAWs available and learn about copyright and licensing laws.

CC's Talent Club - Students are given a safe space to display their gifts and talents that may not be displayed in classes or other extracurricular activities. 

Cricket Club - Students learn how to play the international sport of Cricket.

DECA Compete Club - This club is an offspring club from the DECA association at our school listed on this page under organizations. Only DECA members that are registered to complete at the State DECA Conference will be a member of the DECA Compete club. The larger club listed as DECA under the organizations will be offered to anyone, but will not meet during DECA Compete Club times.

DIY Club - Students learn how to design and create items that can be personlized with a logo or monogram.

Drama Club - Students perform plays, musucals, and other theatrical shows.

Engineers of the Future Club - Students learning basic engineering principles while engaging in hands-on enginnering activities.

E-Sports Club - Students learn about competitive video gaming, often refered to as e-sports, and its organized competitive gameplay between teams that is governed by a strict set of rules and guidelines.

Graphic Design Club - Students learn the basics of graphic design and work with other organizations in the school to create flyers, logos, and other documents that may be needed for school events.

Green Club - Students learn how to prevent climate change and save the Earth.

Instrumental/Dance - Students learn technical movement skills needed to perform in line bands and dance units while staying fit and building team skills needed for performing in ensembles.

Kappa League - Students are guided through making and working toward achieving worthy educational, occupational, and social goals so they can make constructive contributions to their community and become leaders of action. 

MAPAS Club - MAPAS stands for the Multicultural and Polylingual Association of Students.  Students celebrate diversity by highlighting a culture or ethnic group and learning about it in this club.

Math Club - Students learn short-cut techniques to solve/calculate, create math puzzles, and learn fun facts/tricks of Math.

Military ClubStudents learn become more mentally, emotionally, and physically strengthened as they participate in military events and activities that acclimate them to the branches of military service.

Newspaper/Journalism Club - Students learn how to interview to gain the facts, how to write a newspaper article, and how to edit a newspaper as they bring the Saints Student Newspaper back into publication.

Photography for Beginners - Students learn the basics of photography and how to use a digital camera to take portrait and landscape photos.  Students will also learn some basic photo editing tricks.

Recycling Club - Students learn about recycling and how recycling positively effects our environment as they engage in this practice.

Science Club - Students participate in science discoveries, experiments, and challenges.

Study Hall - Students will catch up on any work they are behind in and have extra time for studying areas they need improvment in.

Walking Club - Students learn the importance and benefits of low impact exercise while engaging in walking around the school track.

Weight Lifting Club - Students learn to develop a healthy lifestyle while learning the sport of weight lifting.