Parent Info

School Hours

Take In Time:
7:30 AM

Warning Bell:
7:55 AM

Dismissal Time:
3:15 PM

Main Telephone Line

Mr  Milton  Howard

Parent Resources

Calhoun County Public School District provides a value-added educational experience to your child. There are programs and activities in place that support and complement their academics. We strive to provide a safe and secure environment, and we work to empower students to take responsibility for this community, their actions, and their learning; as we prepare them to be college or career ready.

The goal of the Parent Resource page is to provide parents/guardians with tools to assist their children in being successful.  The relationship between the school and home is a partnership. Strong and successful partnerships require both parties to contribute equally to the task.

We must rely on our parents/guardians to be the first disciplinarians of our students. Parents/guardians must insist that children are ready to receive the quality education our teachers and administrators are prepared to give them each day. The home or school environment must not allow students to infringe on the instructional time devoted to “Teaching and Learning”. We know that students who come to school ready and engaged in the learning process will do extremely well in their academics. We must be partners in seeking this outcome! We also know that many of our students have their priorities in order thanks to you, their parents/guardians.  We solicit your continued partnership and thank you for your time and input.

Parent Involvement