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Marybeth Doucette Staff Photo

Educational Experience (baccalaureate, graduate and postgraduate):  baccalaureate from East Leyden High School, bachelor from South Carolina State University, additional coursework from University of Southern Mississippi at Morelia, Mexico



I was thrilled to accept this teaching position at Calhoun County High School right out of college, twenty-one years ago.  


Brief Biographical Information (birthplace/hometown, years of teaching experience, personal hobbies/interests, teaching and learning philosophy):  I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, in a multilingual household.  

I love to travel, read, cook, paint, and  make all-natural skincare products.  My teaching and learning philosophy is By any means necessary.  Whatever I need to do to learn it, I will, and whatever it takes to teach the concept to my students, I will do it.