About Us


Calhoun County High School is a comprehensive high school serving grades nine through twelve in rural Calhoun County. The total enrollment of Calhoun County High School is 445. The school is predominately African-American with that ethnic group representing 68% of the student body. One hundred percent of students at Calhoun County High School receive free lunch. The student attendance rate is 96.9%.


As an award winning high school, CCHS received the Bronze Award from US News and World Report for being one of the top high schools in the country for ten consecutive yearsThe high school's graduation rate has been higher than the State and National rates for the past seven years, with the current graduation rate standing at 90%.  The school offers a variety of instructional and extracurricular activities in an effort to produce well rounded students.


Empower. Compete. Succeed.


Our vision is to be the premier, competitive school district recognized globally for embracing the needs of each student.


 The mission of Calhoun County Public Schools is to empower all students to compete and succeed in an ever-changing global society.

Empower. Compete. Succeed.

We believe . . .

  •        in establishing and maintaining high expectations for all students.
  •        in providing challenging and rigorous experiences to develop confident and                    competent   students.
  •        in fostering cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders to promote engaging        learning experiences.
  •        in an environment that encourages all to appreciate diversity.
  •        in student learning and success being the chief priority.
  •        in every student being responsible for his or her choices and actions.
  •        in change providing opportunities for academic, social and personal growth.
  •        in technology being an integral part of our instructional program for success in a            global   society.