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Electronic Books
Online Reference Books - Salem Press

Online cover-to-cover reference books of the titles listed below.  Click on the link provided to access on campus.  No password needed.

  • Gun Control & Gun Rights
  • Opinions Throughout History – Immigration
  • Opinions Throughout History: Drug Use & Abuse
  • Political Corruption in America: An Encyclopedia of Scandals, Power, and Greed, 3rd Edition
  • This is Who We Were: In The 1900s
  • This is Who We Were: In The 1950s
  • This Is Who We Were: In The 1960s
  • This is Who We Were: In The 1970s
  • This is Who We Were: In The 1980s

EBSCO's High School Ebook Collection

A database containing 9,800 cover-to-cover electronic books that support the learning experience across all academic subject areas, including history, language, literature, science and technology. Content includes a selection of classic literary works, important historical documents and general reference materials. The collection also features a selection of teacher resources to support educators and administrators.,uid&custid=s9976230&profile=ehost&defaultdb=e862xna&groupid=main